BIC Boats – Sportyak 213 Delivered anywhere in India

Small and Cute

The Sportyak 213 is the ideal dinghy.

Man – powered or with a small engine, she is perfect in all situations and can be easily stored. During holidays, it becomes a safe big toy for the children. In harbours, lakes, rivers or on the beach, in any situation, the Sportyak 213 is the most versatile dinghy available.



Length : 2.13m   –    7′

Width : 1.15m   –    3’9”

Weight : 19 Kg   –   42lbs 

Capacity : 2 pers./374 lbs

Recommended engine : electric or internal combustion, maxi. weight 12 kg

Accessories included with the dinghy:

2 oars, 3 rowlocks, 3 rowlocks brackets, 1 rope


wooden seat, engine bracket, wheel system




Exceptional stability

The catamaran hull shape of the Sportyaks 213 and 245 gives them much more stability than all flat or V hulls. This is a major advantage for hunting, fishing or ferrying equipment over to an anchored boat. The Sportyak 245 can comfortably accommodate three people who can, if necessary change sides without any risk of capsizing.



Light weight

The Sportyak 213 and the Sportyak 245 are light which is an essential characteristic for a boat that is most of the time carried by hand and loaded onto roof racks. It is thanks to their double hull structure that even though they are very light, there has been no compromise on safety aspects.



Easily carried

The Sportyak 213 and the Sportyak 245 are particularly easy to carry. Several carry-handles have been positioned around the Sportyak 245 to facilitate its beach-launching and handling. The Sportyak 213 can be fitted with a roller kit.
The Sportyak 245 is fitted with wide rollers integrated into the design of the hull which do not affect in any way the boat’s performance on water, whether it is being rowed or powered by an outboard engine.



The toughness of polyethylene

The Sportyak 213 and the Sportyak 245 are made of polyethylene which makes them virtually indestructible. You don’t have to worry about leaving them in dinghy racks or on the beach. UV rays, salt and every day impacts have no effect on them.

When no longer in use, these boats are entirely recyclable.



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