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One of the best palaces in India to go Kayaking is the Kerala backwaters

Kayaking in Kerala – India’s water-sport destination

You’ll be enchanted by an over-abundance of beauty: between the Arabian Sea and the mountainous Western Ghats lie its stunning white sand beaches, lush tropical greenery, and a huge labyrinth of interconnected channels, lagoons and lakes – the Kerala Backwaters. In this verdant paradise, known by locals as “God’s Own Country”, India slows to a relaxed, friendly pace. The climate is idyllic, and the cuisine – a fusion of the many cultures that have been welcomed here for centuries past – is astonishing.

One of India’s best place to paddle is Alleppey

Named ‘Venice of the East’ because of the numerous channels meandering deep into the backwaters, where life goes on as it has done for centuries past. Young men climb coconut palms to collect the sap for ‘toddy’, kayak alongside fishmongers selling their catch from skinny canoes and chat to children paddling to school.
A stop for a flock of ducks being ferried across! 

OUTDECK Sit-on-Top Kayak – Single Seater

Delivered anywhere in India


Sit-on-top kayaks are ideal for beginners

If you’re looking for kayaks that are easy to use, then you should probably look into getting sit-on-top kayaks. These kayaks are designed so that you don’t have to worry about spray skirts, instead you just sit on top of the kayak seat and you’re ready to go.

These kayaks are ideal for beginners, children, or for people who just want a recreational kayak that’s easy to use.

Another benefit of sit-on-top kayaks is that they are very easy to keep upright. Usually these kayaks are designed to be a bit broader than regular kayaks. The result of this is that there is more base to the kayak – which means that it’smuch harder for them to tip overThese kayaks are great for beginners, and make very good recreational or touring boats.



Single-Seater Sit-On-Top Kayak

Length: 3000mm

Width: 780mm

Height: 400mm

Thickness: 5mm

Weight: 22 kg

Load Weight: 150kg

Accessories included for Single Seater Kayak:

Black bungee, Drain cover, 6 plugs, Round hatch with waterproof bag

1 no. Paddle

1 no. Backrest

1 no. Life Vest ( 210D Polyester Oxford )

Use on: Backwaters, Bays, Lakes, Estuaries, Flat water rivers

Main Features :

  • Extremely Stable Kayak
  • Ideal for Recreational Use
  • Ergonomic handles make these comfortable to carry




Because of their range and adaptability, kayaks can be a useful mode of transport for other outdoor activities such as diving, fishing, wilderness exploration and search and rescue during floods.

Unlike some other recreational activities or sports, kayaking can fit the activity level that you want and can provide hours or even days of fun for entire families – or just for one person.



As a rule, never paddle alone

It is the best way to make sure that you will be safe when you are kayaking. Or at least you should make sure that other people who are not accompanying you on your trip know where you will be kayaking. That way if anything happens, the emergency teams will know where to look for you.


Getting your Kayaking Gear ready

The most vital piece of gear aside from your boat is your paddle.

Another important piece of equipment is the life vest, known to kayakers as the fancier-sounding personal flotation device (PFD). You should always wear a PFD, whether you’re in the rapids or floating on a calm lake.

White-water kayakers will also want a good helmet.

Additionally, there are all kinds of extra goodies you can get for your kayaking adventures.

Water bags seal in your valuables.

Dry tops and pants help to keep you warm and dry.

Neoprene booties give you great traction on slippery rocks.

Gloves aren’t a bad idea to prevent blisters during long days on the water.

Grab a small anchor for your touring kayak if you want to stay in one place.

For transport, roof rack systems for your car are the way to go.

When you have taken care of items specific to your kayaking requirements, you will be prepared to take your boat on the water.











How to maintain your kayak

Considering how much kayaks tend to cost, this should definitely be a priority for you.

First, you should always make sure that you wash your kayak regularly. This will help keep it clean, and will also make sure that you can see if there is anything on the kayak that could cause problems later.

This is especially important if you are kayaking in salt water, since the salt can corrode parts of your kayak. You should also make sure that you rinse the inside of your kayak as well if any salt water got inside.

You should make sure that your kayak does not have any holes in it, and you can do this before you find yourself sitting in a leaking kayak out at sea.

Finally, if you don’t want your paint to fade and you’re worried about the boat warping at all, then you should store it indoors and out of the sun temperature changes.





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  1. Hi Outdeck, thanks for introducing yourselves with your pingback to our post. It’s great to know that there’s an outfitter like you out there! We have kayaks at one of our backwater properties called Kayal Villa, and we encourage guests to use them. Check out the RAXA Collective facebook page for more info on our properties, activities and just plain fun stuff. We’ll be opening a beach property at Marari early next year and are planing water activities there too. See you there!

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