Fishing Combo-Set Tournament Spinning Series – 8-10kg @ 6500/-

 OUTDECK Fishing Combo-Set Tournament Spinning Series – 8-10kg @ 6500/– 

Delivered in India


Rod Length  :  2.70m

Sections  : 2

Material  :  IM8

Reel : 1 no

Line Class  :  8-10 kg

Cast Weight : 40-60g    

Case Length  :   1440mmxΦ75mm

Tackle Box  :  Tackle box for Spinning

Nylon Lines  :  2 Spools, 0.4mm#  / 150m    

Heavy Duty Fishing Case included  
















Spinning Rods:

Spinning rods have many advantages over their bait-casting counterparts. The spooling system of a spinning rod prevents the line from becoming tangled in the reel, which can be a major problem for beginners with a bait-casting rod. Additionally, the larger spool of the spinner rod allows you to reel in faster.
Spinning reels are much easier to cast and typically are used by amateur anglers before graduating to a bait-casting rod. You hold a spinning rod with the reel on the underside of the rod so that you can grasp the line with your index finger.


Preparation for a fishing outing:

Preparing for and enjoying a fishing expedition, whether it’s just for an hour while sitting beside a local pond or a week-long adventure far away from home, requires much more than grabbing a rod and some worms. There are many items on the fishing checklist to consider before heading out to try to catch the big one.

Anglers need to consider the weather, which will help in determining what they will wear from head to toe. The type of fish being sought also is a consideration, as different species of fish come with different recommendations for rods, reels, lines, and more.

In addition, there is gear on the market for all types of fishing, from saltwater to freshwater, and from ice fishing to fly fishing. Each comes with its own recommended type of equipment. With a wide variety of equipment needed for fishing, there are plenty of containment options available to keep the equipment organized and easy to access during a fishing trip as well.


Fishing Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

Wearing the proper attire for a fishing trip is as important as bringing a properly stocked tackle box. If an angler is not comfortable and protected from the elements, the trip may not be as successful or memorable.

Based on the weather and location of the excursion, preparing for head-to-toe coverage is easy to do on eBay. A good fishing hat will help to keep the sun out of the angler’s eyes and the angler’s head protected from sunburn in the warmer months, and warm in the colder months. Sunglasses are a must any time of year for optimal eye protection.

T-shirts in moderate to warmer climates will keep the angler cool, and fishing shirts are designed for comfort as well as function with pockets and rings for holding gear.

Shorts are appropriate to wear, for example, when fishing off a bridge or rock; waterproof pants should be worn when in the water, both to protect the legs from any biting water creatures and to keep comfortable. Many items of fishing apparel are designed with built-in sun and bug protection.

Water-resistant shoes and boots are fine when standing alongside a river’s edge or in a boat. Anglers who want to get closer to their catch by entering the water should consider waders, which are available in hip and chest height. These are waterproof items that keep the angler warm and dry.

Jackets are available for all weather conditions and typically feature larger pockets for storing fishing gear. Gloves serve a dual purpose of keeping hands warm in the winter and protecting hands from fish teeth and spines.


Freshwater Fishing

As with other segments of the fishing industry, there is equipment made just for anglers who enjoy freshwater fishing. Catching that trophy trout or large-mouth bass requires the right baits and lures, hooks and sinkers, reels, rods, and rod and reel combos.


Saltwater Fishing

Before an angler begins their trip to catch the large salmon, tuna, or other big game fish, they need to be prepared because big game fishing requires big game fishing equipment. Stronger rods, sturdier reels, and heavier lines are among the necessities.


Tackle Boxes

Tackle boxes coming in a wide range of sizes, materials, colors, and available organized storage space. These boxes or containers hold a fisherman’s gear, lures, hooks, lines, and more. There are tackle boxes made of rigid plastic as well as traditional metal tackle boxes. There are also tackle boxes encased in sturdy nylon material with mesh pockets, carrying straps, and additional compartments. Tackle bags can be an expression of style as well as serve a functional need. Some tackle boxes have drawers that pull out and keep dozens of different types of tackle organized.


Preparing for a fishing trip takes a little time and forethought, as everything from proper attire to ample fishing supplies need to be taken into consideration.

For a successful and memorable excursion, the angler should be comfortable in his clothing. In addition, the angler should be prepared with plenty of hooks, lures, tools for preparing the line; rods and reels appropriate for the type of fishing being done; and the proper carrying case for everything that needs to be hauled to the site.



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