Inflatable Fishing Boat with Electric Motor, Canopy & Swivel Seat available in India

The Classic fishing boat is built with all the features a fisherman needs. 


For easy small boat fishing you need to be organized with a place for everything and to have everything with easy reach. 

This boat is also super portable and weights just 37lbs/17kg. 

The optional motor mount accepts an electric motor or up to 4HP gas engine for easy motoring. 

The optional swivel seat allows the fisherman to sit even higher and turn 360 degrees. 

Best of all, it’s so easy to set up and transport, simply put it in your car trunk and get some fishing fun! 

Can be equipped with electric motor of 3KW or gas motor up to 4HP. 

Marine grade reinforced PVC fabric. 




 The Classic fishing boat has a large carrying capacity with standard fishing rod holder, bench seat, paddle set, oar holders, oarlocks, bow handle, and all around safety grab line. 



Size : 8’10” x 4’6″ (2.65m x 1.34m)

No. of Air Chamber :  2+1

Max. Passenger :  2+1

Max. Payload : 265ks (584lbs)

Gross Weight : 16kgs(37.4lbs)

Max. Motor Power :  Electric motor 3KW 


Accessories included in kit:

Bench seat, Pressure gauge, 11″ foot pump, Paddle, Inflatable seat, Carry bag and Repair kit.

T-18 trolling electric motor included



                             inflatable-fishing-boat                   inflatable-fishing-boat                   inflatable-fishing-boat




fishing-boat-india boat-swivel-seat inflatable-boat-canopy fishing-boats-india inflatable-boats-13- inflatable-boats inflatable-boats-15- inflatable-boats-18- inflatable-fishing-boat-canopy trolling-motor-boat trolling-electric-motor inflatable-fishing-boats-05-


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