Camping Accessories : Led Alloy Lantern for sale in India

LED Alloy Lantern delivered in India



LED Alloy Lantern @ 2800/-

Material:  Aluminium

Lumens:  60 Lm

Duration:  5 hours

Batteries:  3xAAA

Bulb:  LED


The classic light for campground camping has long been a gas-powered lantern with glass windows. Though bulky, hot to the touch and noisy, it puts out a bright, warm light that seems to last forever.


You can still get these reliable lanterns, but recent advances in LED lighting now provide you many modern lantern choices that are light, bright and compact enough even for backpacking.



Electric Lanterns

Virtually all battery-powered lanterns these days use LED (light emitting diode) technology. LED lamps offer numerous advantages:

  • Long battery life
  • Very good light output
  • Can handle rugged use
  • Quiet and exhaust-free
  • Safe around kids (LEDs generate no heat)


Their only real downsides: battery usage and disposal.

The higher a lantern’s lumen output, the greater its light intensity (or brightness). Keep in mind that a higher wattage often results in lower energy efficiency, which means a shorter burn time or shorter battery life.

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