Portable Camping gear Solar shower

High Quality Solar Camping Shower delivered anywhere in India                                         

 Product Description:

A portable camping solar shower can be a very handy & useful product to make life easy when you are outdoors.

 The shower bag with a capacity of 20 litres, is made of special black pvc film, designed to absorb solar energy to warm the water most effectively.

Whether you are camping, hiking or fishing, this little bag can make your camping experience more comfortable.

 Kit includes Solar bag, Pipe, Shower-spout & string.



  1. Portable, easy to carry and operate
  2. Durable
  3. Light weight
  4. Capacity: 20L

20L-Solar-Shower-0220L-Solar-Shower-03Instructions for Use

  1. Before use, rinse with one tablespoon of baking soda and warm water
  2. Fill solar shower bag with water and place on flat firm surface with black side of bag exposed to the direct sunlight
  3. In approximately three hours you should be ready to take a relaxing hot shower1.


OUTDECK is a Bangalore based supplier of outdoor water-sports and camping gear.

We are suppliers of a wide range of Camping Accessories such as waterproof Dry-bags, Foldable bucket, Solar-shower, waterproof Poncho, LED Lamps, LED Lanterns, Camping Stove, Foldable Table, Foldable Bed, Foldable Shovel.


















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