2-Seater Inflatable BIC Kayak for Sale in India

 Delivered in India

The Kalyma is a family fun kayak for beach, open sea and rivers.


Comfortable, tough, aesthetically pleasing, stable and light, it combines an innovative shape with very practical fittings and features : removable seats that are also adjustable for leg length and fitted with storage pockets ; integral water resistant storage compartment, an integrated draining valve… The safety features include three independent inflatable sections, a removable rear fin and a guiding skeg. It can be used for 1 or 2 persons paddling in comfort.

Length: 11’0″ / 3.32m

Width: 37.4″ / 0.95m

Weight: +/- 33lbs / 15kg

Max Load: 440lbs / 200kg

Carry bag, air pressure gauge and a repair kit included.

inflatable-kayaks-india-outdeck-kayaks11 inflatable-kayaks-india-outdeck-kayaks09 inflatable-kayaks-india-outdeck-kayaks21 inflatable-kayaks-india-outdeck-kayaks18 inflatable-kayaks-india-outdeck-kayaks17 inflatable-kayaks-india-outdeck-kayaks16 inflatable-kayaks-india-outdeck-kayaks06 inflatable-kayaks-india-outdeck-kayaks07 OUTDECK is a Bangalore based supplier of Water-sport equipment such as Kayaks, Inflatable-Rafts, Boats, Dinghy, Fishing-boats, Rowing-boats, Fishing-gear, Camping-gear, & outdoor-adventure-gear

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