Inflatable Fishing Boat with Electric Motor, Canopy for sale in India : Outdoor Water Sports Accessory

The Classic Fishing Boat is built with all the features a fisherman needs


For easy small boat fishing you need to be organized with a place for everything and to have everything with easy reach. 

This boat is also super portable and weights just 37lbs/17kg. 

The optional motor mount accepts an electric motor or up to 4HP gas engine for easy motoring. 

The optional swivel seat allows the fisherman to sit even higher and turn 360 degrees. 

Best of all, it’s so easy to set up and transport, simply put it in your car trunk and get some fishing fun! 

Can be equipped with electric motor of 3KW or gas motor up to 4HP. 

Marine grade reinforced PVC fabric.  

T-18 Electric trolling motor included


The Classic fishing boat has a large carrying capacity with standard fishing rod holder, bench seat, paddle set, oar holders, oarlocks, bow handle, and all around safety grab line. 



Size : 8’10” x 4’6″ (2.65m x 1.34m)

No. of Air Chamber :  2+1

Max. Passenger :  2+1

Max. Payload : 265ks (584lbs)

Gross Weight : 16kgs(37.4lbs)

Max. Motor Power :  Electric motor 3KW 

Accessories included in kit:


Bench seat, Pressure gauge, 11″ foot pump, Paddle, Inflatable seat, Carry bag and Repair kit.

Electric trolling motor included



Suppose you are out fishing on a hot summer afternoon and the scorching sun is baking you. A conventional aluminum boat would hot up in no time at all. But if you choose to float on the water on an inflatable boat with your fishing rod in your hand, you can dangle your feet over the sides of your boat and the floor, which is constantly coming in contact with the water, is pleasantly cool. Thus inflatable fishing boats like pontoons, rafts, kayaks, canoes, etc allow you to enjoy the water while fishing. But the best part is that they won’t cost a bomb for the excellence and versatility they offer.

fishing-boat-india (1)boat-swivel-seat


The greatest advantage of a hundred percent inflatable boat is that it can be conveniently stored in a garage or a closet, while in a deflated state and will occupy very little space. Whenever you need to go out fishing, just inflate it and carry it along with you to the river or lake. You can simply tuck in the boat in your car or roll it up and drive where you please. It ensures a completely hassle free experience.


If you choose an inflatable fishing boat, you will never have to worry about portability, storage or weight again. Some inflatables like canoes weigh less than thirty pounds and they can even be transported easily by backpack. They also offer the advantages of flexibility and durability.


Not only are inflatable watercrafts cheaper than wooden boats, they also have extremely low maintenance and repairing costs compared to rigid boats.

Inflatable pontoon boats and rafts are ideal choices when going out fishing with a group of people. These are big ones and can easily accommodate many people. Go for an inflatable dinghy or canoe if you are going out alone or with one more person. They are extremely easy to handle and lightweight, compared to traditional wooden or aluminum varieties.

Sufficiently buoyant, these boats will float even if they capsize or are filled with water.

When a rigid hull is attached to an inflatable watercraft it is called a rigid inflatable boat or RIB. It offers additional stability.

Select an inflatable zodiac boat fitted out with rigid parts if a very high performance fishing boat is what you are looking for, or if you want to attach a sail or an outboard motor. Can you see how much more convenient it is than its wooden counterparts?


A RIB is more heavy than a wholly inflatable boat nor can it be stored with such ease.

Although normal inflatable boats are far less expensive, a high-end zodiac watercraft will set you back by thousands of dollars. These special varieties don’t come cheap.

However if you don’t care for an inflatable boat properly, its longevity will be affected.

Because these boats are extremely lightweight, they can pose grave risks in windy and rough weather.

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