Inflatable Kayak 2-seater K1 for sale in India

Two seater Recreational Touring Kayak delivered in India

K1 series is a great recreational kayak for anyone who enjoys the water.  Suitable for paddlers of all skill levels. 


Product Description

K1 kayak emphasizes tracking and speed while maintaining comfort and stability. This boat is high-performing, versatile, offering good storage capacity and suitable for all skill level paddlers. 
K1 is constructed with high quality reinforced PVC fabric, fully adjustable backrest seats, elastic bungee cords at bow and stern, tracking skegs, adjustable foot brace and durable i-beam floor for stability. 

With the recessed spring air valve, it’s easy to rapidly inflate and deflate the boat in less than ten minutes. K1 is designed and constructed for use in rough water, on lakes, or rivers. 

Accessories included:

2 no. Foot-brace

2 no. High-back padded adjustable seat

2 no. Paddle






Optional Accessory:

Kayak Sail

Key Features 

  • Super tough 3-layer reinforced PVC fabric 
  • Adjustable and removable polyester foam pad seat 
  • Support track foot brace system 
  • V-cone anti-collision design 
  • Deck or bow bungee for on-deck storage 
  • Multiple chambers 
  • Safety rubber handles on bow and stern 
  • Linear tracking skegs


    2-seater Inflatable Kayak 

    125 x 33 inches (10’5″ x 33″)

    No. of Air Chambers: 2+1

    Max. Passenger: Two

     Max. Payload: 155kg (342lbs)

    Net Weight: 14.5kg(31.9lbs)

    Drain Valve: 1 no. at back + 4 self bailing

    Skeg: 2 no – 55cm skeg


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