Daisy C4 Polycarbonate Eye Protection Goggles


Daisy C4 Polycarbonate Eye Protection Goggles @ 1800/- Delivered in India

UV400 Protective Lenses


UV400 Sport Glasses with 4 colored tinted UV400 protective lenses for different conditions.

  • High Quality Durable Plastic Frame
  • High Polycarbonate quality, flexible, coated, Anti-Ultraviolet Ray lens
  • Comes with a sport belt strap which you can interchange as and when you like.
  • With spare rimmed soft rubber pad, frames tail inside nasal with pads, long wear is more comfortable
  • Nice, trendy and cool to wear and suitable for protection against strong sunlight and all outdoor activities


Package includes 4 pairs of different colour tinted coated lens.

Neutral Gray: Provide true color definition. Ideal for everyday, all purpose wear
Blue: 9% Transmission, Neutral Transmission. For extreme bright light usage
Clear MLC: Clear lenes with special multi-layer coating. Enhances visual acuity during low light condition
Cadmium Yellow: High contrast yellow lenes. Ideal for very low light condition



Frame Color: Black

Weight: 160g

Package contains:

4 x pair of Lenses


1 x Glasses Case


1 x Soft Pouch


1 x Elastic Sport Belt


1 x Rubber Pad Frame


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