Inflatable White-Water Rafts for sale

White-Water Raft – 16 feet


Stock Clearance Sale – Rs. 70,000/-


Delivered anywhere in India


Designed and built for commercial use, the increased capacity for storage and passengers makes it a great raft for trips with family and friends. This raft is strong enough to stand up to all of the abuse guides and outfitters can dish-out.


  • The BIG BULL is a self bailing white water raftwhitewater-rafting-outdeck-india-watersports-kayak-boat-dinghy11
  • Removable AIR MAT floorwhitewater-rafting-outdeck-india-watersports-kayak-boat-dinghy15
  • Stragetically placed foot cross thwartswhitewater-rafting-outdeck-india-watersports-kayak-boat-dinghy19
  • PVC coated polyesterwhitewater-rafting-outdeck-india-watersports-kayak-boat-dinghy16
  • Double wear layer in bottom of main tubewhitewater-rafting-outdeck-india-watersports-kayak-boat-dinghy18
  • 4 main sections, 1 floor, and 3 foot thwart sectionswhitewater-rafting-outdeck-india-watersports-kayak-boat-dinghy22
  • Great capacity for up to 10 people.whitewater-rafting-outdeck-india-watersports-kayak-boat-dinghy13
  • Bow & Stern Handleswhitewater-rafting-outdeck-india-watersports-kayak-boat-dinghy14
  • Packed Weight – 100kg



OUTDECK is a Bangalore based supplier of outdoor water-sports and camping gear.

We are suppliers of Kayaks, Inflatable-boats, Fishing-Boats and Dinghies, Whitewater-rafts, Camping-gear, Tents, Fishing-gear and Outdoor-accessories


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