WILD RIVER Recreational Fishing Boat with Electric Motor @ 28,000/- Delivered in India


Recreational Fishing Boat with Electric Motor

@ 28,000/- Delivered in India


The fishing experience is inexpensive, incredibly versatile! It’s an all-around awesome boat for fishing, river floating and just having fun on the water!

The Wild River boat is an excellent recreational boat or fishing raft for pond, lake or mild river.

There are multiple ways to get this raft moving, you can paddle or just switch on the trolling motor for a longer distance.

Wild River also features vertical mount fishing rods, 2+2 separate air chambers, compact storage bags and all around grab line.

This boat is absolutely portable and affordable!   

Product Description :

  • Wild River fishing boat is designed to be an excellent fishing raft for ponds, lakes, or mild rivers
  • Moulded fishing rod holders
  • Inflatable cushion seating and storage bags inside the boat
  • Side handles for easy carrying
  • Boston safety valve for easy inflation/deflation
  • Oar holders and convenient moulded oar lock
  • All round grabline for security
  • Made of extra heavy, premium quality PVC for product durability
  • i-beam floor construction for stability


Boat size : 9’4″ x 5′ (2.83 x 1.52m)

No. or Air Chamber : 2+2

Max. Passenger : 2+1

Max. Playlaod : 225kg (496lbs)

Net Weight : 12.5kg (27.5lbs)

Max. Motor Power : 500W

Accessories : 8″ foot pump, paddle, inflatable seat, carry bag repair kit

T-18 Electric Trolling Motor 

DC12V, Max.180W

Net Weight : 2 Kgs

Low Load Speed: 1200 RPM

High Load Speed: 2100 RPM

Low Speed Thrust: 3.58 Kgs / 7.9 Lbs

High Speed Thrust: 8.07 Kgs / 17.8 Lbs

No Load Current: 1.6A

Full Load Low Speed Current: 7.0A

Full Load High Speed Current: 14.7A







inflatable-fishing-boat-wild-river  inflatable-fishing-boat-wild-river

inflatable-fishing-boat-wild-river  inflatable-fishing-boat-wild-river



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